“124Hz, 372Hz, 248Hz” are parts of the series “Vibrations”. These paintings in colored inks and Indian ink are created under “influence”. The canvas are mounted on a vibrating pot set to a specific frequency. This process is based on the figures of Chladni, the scientist who demonstrated the geometrical figures caused by the resonant frequencies of metal plates.

124Hz, 2023, Indian ink on canvas, 30x30cm
372Hz, 2023, colored inks on canvas, 30x30cm (sold)
248Hz, 2023, colored inks on canvas, 30x30cm (sold)

“Le Tag” is part of the series “COVID 19-21”. Sometimes with humor, sometimes with gravity, this series explores the troubled period 2019-2021 from the first wave to the second wave of covid in France.

Le Tag, 2020, 29 x 17 cm, photo and colored inks on canvas

“L’arbre à vœux quantiques“is part of the series “Urban Landscapes” , which takes us around the world, focusing on major cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hanoi, London, Paris, Florence, Hamburg… all of which are pretexts for taking us into sound worlds where daydreams, science and imaginary landscapes mingle.

L’arbre à vœux quantiques, 2019, 120 x 60cm, photo andcolored inks on canvas (sold)

Au bout de ses racines“is part of the series “Seven Meditations” , made up of seven paintings linked to the body’s seven chakras or energy centers. Each painting is tagged with a QR code that opens onto a sound creation, a ten-minute meditation. This series has been published in a booklet entitled “les sept meditations”.

Au bout de ses racines, 2017, 100 x 70 cm, photo and watercolor inks on canvas, (from a collection of 7 meditation paintings)