Muriel Demangeat is an artist-author, « researcher », scientist. After an international career dedicated to micro-electronics and X-ray physics instrumentation, she now devotes herself entirely to her plastic, photographic, sound and digital creations

Her credo is to enrich the mind by deepening the theoretical concepts of physics, to widen the field of consciousness by studying oriental philosophies and finally to provoke, thanks to the convergence allowed by contemporary art, thoughts elaborated from a multitude of intellectual and intuitive points of view.

Familiar with transnational contexts, she began her career with multiple exhibitions in Rhône-Alpes, before working with international actors. Her latest solo exhibition was held in Paris, and was the subject of a conference entitled “Color and perception of the world”. Affiliated with the « Maison des Artistes », she is a member of professional associations such as MAPRAA, La Condamine and ARL (Artistes de la Région du Léman).

Muriel Demangeat is sure to introduce us to new points of view of reality, such as her creations created under the influence of a vibrating pot or sound universes that take us into unsuspected meanders of our consciousness.